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Bambuno Changing Mat and Wipes Bag in Blue Giraffes

£24.50 incl tax

Now here's a new idea...a small changing mat! You have enough paraphernalia to carry around without a cumbersome mat. This one measures just 34 cm x 57 cm approx which comfortably accommodates the full length of a newborn baby, and the body length of an older baby (who will kick his/ her legs in the air anyway when being changed). The mat fits public changing tables perfectly, and the wipes bag takes wipes and nappies (disposable or reusable).

The mat is bamboo terry, backed with waterproof PUL (polyurethane laminate) in a unisex pattern of graphic hearts, with a PUL section across the middle of the mat, designed to go under the baby's bum, to prevent any leaks soaking through the mat. The mat rolls up neatly for transportation, and fastens with a velcro tab, which can easily be undone or done up one-handed.

The combination of wipes bag and small changing mat means that there is no need to carry a bulky changing bag into baby-changing rooms any more; simply tuck the mat under your arm, hang the bag over your wrist and carry the baby in the other arm!

Washing Instructions

Both the mat and the bag are machine washable. Undo the mat, twist the fastening tab and fasten it to the velcro tab on the back of the mat (so it doesn't stick to socks etc). Both items are best washed at 40 degrees C to prolong the fabric's lifespan using non-bio detergent. The can be washed at up to 60 degrees on occastion to remove stains. The items can be tumble dried cool, and hanging the bamboo terry out to dry in the sun can get rid of any yellowish stains!

For more details on the fabrics used in our products see here.

A Handmade Product

Please note that these products are not mass-produced; but this means you won't find them anywhere else

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