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If you live in the Leeds or Bradford area and are pregnant or know someone who is, Calico offers the greatest, most relaxing treat for a mum (and unborn baby!). Calico Pregnancy mobile massage offers gift vouchers, baby showers, pamper parties. You won't want it to end!

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Time after time I've followed a recipe (especially sweet) to find that it just doesn't work no matter how accurate I've been. Then I discovered the wonderful blog Orangette, which provides a little snippet of writer / cook Molly Wizenberg's life and cooking / baking adventures. I haven't had a recipe fail so far. My favourites, with the most resounding reception from those to whom they have been fed: cheddar crisps, strawberry shortcakes, French style yogurt cake, banana bread with chocolate chips (no fat!), salted peanut butter cookies (lots of fat!). Must. Stop. Drooling.

When escaping for a weekend (without kids!) a couple of weeks ago, alone at East Midlands airport this magazine caught my eye (the same eye which usually rarely makes it above the bottom shelf of Peppa Pig / CBeebies / ZingZillas). A fresh, alternative magazine which feels as nice in the hands as it looks to the eye.