Bambuno in Shell

The 'Bambuno' Bath Bonnet

Once you have a Bambuno for your little one, you will wonder how you managed without it! This practical innovation keeps your baby or child’s head warm after bathing, helps absorb water out of their hair, thus drying it quicker, and leaves your hands free for drying or carrying your child. Oh, and it also makes your child look really, really, cute.


The Bambuno is perfect for keeping in the bathroom, or for using in those cold moments after swimming, or even on the beach to help stop sand getting in wet hair.


Parents love them because they are a small little edition which makes a big difference to bathtime. Kids love them because they don’t have to undergo that ‘hair-towel-towselling’ they all (and we all used to) detest.


How does it work?


The Bambuno is made from reversible bamboo terry (see here for more information on the fabrics). Although the ‘inside’ does have a longer, more absorbent ‘hoop’ on the fabric, both sides of the hat can in fact be used if need be. Bamboo is more absorbent than cotton, and so draws in more moisture from your child’s head, drying the hair quicker than a cotton terry towel. The hat sits over the child’s ears, keeping those warm too. When not in use, the hat can hang by its loop.


The Bambuno is designed to fit relatively snugly over your child’s head after he or she has had a bath or has been swimming. The newborn size does not fit so snugly simply for ease of getting it on and off, and because newborns don’t wriggle around so much.


If your child has a long hair, it can be gathered at the back and tucked into the Bambuno.


Care of your Bambuno


The Bambuno is easily washed. In order to preserve the colour of the organic cotton, we recommend washing at 30 degrees and can be dried on a line, radiator or in a tumble dryer. The hat should not require ironing but should you choose, you can use a cool iron. As with all towels, fabric softener should not be used as this reduces absorbency by coating the threads of the fabric.