Wise Owls Changing Mat

The Bambuno Changing Mat

About our Mat

The Bambuno changing mat measures approximately 57 cm by 34 cm *. The mat therefore fits perfectly onto public changing tables. It is made from bamboo terry backed with polyurethane laminate (PUL) (for more information see our fabrics page) in our current range of six baby- and child-friendly patterns. There is a 14 cm width of PUL sewn across the front of the mat, just where your baby’s bum will lie, to help reduce stains and spillages; this section can be easily wiped. 

Who is it for

The mat is a perfect fit for newborn babies, as it accommodates their full length. However, just as standard changing tables fit growing babies and toddlers, so does our mat. An older baby will kick his or her legs in the air when being changed, and so does not need a mat which extends beyond his or her torso. As long as the baby's head, body and bum are on the mat, everyone's happy.

 Out and About

The mat is designed to be rolled up when not in use, and secured with a velcro (hook-and-loop) strip, which can easily be done up and undone one-handed. The mat, rolled up, fits happily into a changing bag, but is also flexible enough to keep in a large handbag.

 Wipes And Nappy Bag

When you purchase a changing mat, you will receive a free drawstring bag which accommodates spare nappies (disposable or reusable) and baby wipes – and perhaps a mini tub of nappy cream. These two Bambuno products allow you to carry all you need to the baby changing room without a big bag of unnecessary extras.


* (as the mats are handmade, there can be small differences in measurements)



 The mat, and bag if necessary, are washable at 40 degrees C and can be dried on a line, radiator or in a  cool tumble dryer. Before washing the mat should be opened out, and the tab used for closure twisted once and secured on the Velcro on the back of the mat (see the picture on the right for an example). The mat should not require ironing but should you choose, you can use a cool iron. The bag should not be ironed. As with all towels, fabric softener should not be used as this reduces absorbency by coating the threads of the terry fabric.


Drying in the sun is particularly effective in bleaching out yellow stains which might land on the mat!


 Also good for chewing

How to secure the changing mat tab for washing

Changing Mat TAb for Washing

Open out the mat; turn it pattern side up. Take the tab and twist once. Secure the vecro of the tab on the velcro of the mat.