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  • One of the welcome side effects of running Bambuno is that, in the slippery slope of the internet I have found numerous other excellent, simple inventions. Luckily my sister is expecting a baby and I have a great excuse to try some of them out vicariously – otherwise I may have been at risk of trying for a third, simply to try out these finds (and to experience one of the wonderful pregnancy massages by www.calicopregnancymassage.co.uk).


    One of the sites which has thrown up interesting little products is http://www.mumpreneuruk.com. Mumpreneur:  it’s not a great word, but then again, neither is 'Snickers' but it seems pretty successful. I am ashamed to admit, before I browsed the mumpreneur uk top 100 websites I expected some good, some a little amateur. How rude of me. The websites are professional, many of them excellent, the products or services different but viable, and many of them a showcase for multiple awards, grants, industry recognition and years of hard work and ambition on behalf of their founders.


    Some founders, such as the women from http://www.thelazydaisychain.co.uk/ and http://www.icejewelry.com/ run big businesses or franchises. How incredible it must be to have – or develop – a vision and see it emerge into reality. I suspect many of these women did not begin with such a vision, but had small-scale, personal ambitions, which have run away with them and, a round of applause at your laptop to these businesswomen, who have run to catch up, and not away.


    Some of the ideas I have come across via this website are:


    – a great invention to keep babies’ heads from getting knocked without cot bumpers, with their ties and the concern some people have over ‘possible’ restriction of flow of air. Even my 11 month old wakes up with red indentations on her head after a nap, I can see these would work a treat.


    – the perfect (only?) place to buy sports equipment for the under 12s, to suit their age and size, which I can imagine only leads to greater skill and confidents in young kids starting out in a variety of sports.


    well, the clue is in the title and I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Best you visit the site rather than me hash up an explanation. I wish there had been something like this when I was at school (I don’t think I was ever destined to be a police officer, though my mum did have me down for a forensics career at one point…)

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    What will you find on our blog? Well, I am sure the rest of the website will deal with most of what you need to know about Bambuno stuff. Twitter and facebook will keep you up to date with news and offers, so here you will find both Bambuno- and non-Bambuno related bits and bobs, or bits and bats if you live in Yorkshire.

    Having spent some considerable, usually tea- and Green and Blacks- fuelled hours in the world of website building, sometimes forgetting that the laptop had not infact become my lap, I am ready to distance myself from the Undo and Refresh buttons. In itself, it is refreshing not to be able to 'undo' things in day-to-day life.

    How useful that would be, though! Washing left out in the rain? UNDO. Caught by a speed camera? UNDO. Ate that cake that you swore, promised yourself, absolutely were going to save until tomorrow. UNDO.

    In fact, this was inspired by the story of an IT techy colleague of a friend of mine, who when baking, added too much flour and whose instinct was to reach for the undo button. Thankfully and hopefully this is one area that IT and AI will never be able to invade (oh, do I sound quaint to my great-great-great-great grandchildren who are undoing time left, right and centre with a squeeze of their latest hand-held device?).

    No, no undo for me. Let's move on, and admire the imperfection of our days with all their mistakes, and save the undo button for getting things right on paper or on the screen. (Oops, I just let slip my fledging sideline as a proofreader....)

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